I love the Earth in order (1 - 6 books in Hard cover)

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Let's take care of the land!

Written by: Mohamad Mehdi Seyed Naseri, Tahereh shah Mohamadi

Reading age: 5+ years
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The land we live in belongs to all of us. But now our precious land is in danger. Many people unknowingly take steps to destroy the cycle of nature! Now is an important and sensitive time, and we must strive to inform all human beings; We must go hand in hand and protect our precious land.
"Samin" and "Amin" are curious siblings who, by following their questions and accompanying their parents, try to increase children's information about the environment and how to maintain it in a simple and fun way, so that the children can find the right path, themselves.
This simple six-volume collection provides useful information for children over the age of five about the water cyclerecyclingland conservation and preventionenergy resources and organic farming.

Mohamad Mehdi Seyed Naseri, Tahereh shah Mohamadi Written by
Sanaz Karimi Taari Illustrated by
Environmental protection, Force & Energy, Fiction Subject
24 pages Appearance specifications
9786222373184 Shabak
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